Heart of Hoag December 2014
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Heart of Hoag
Susan Johnson, RN, MPH, Manager of the Health Ministries program at Hoag, is working with the congregation of the Episcopal Church of the Messiah in Santa Ana.
Reaching Out to Those in Need,
Wherever They Are
You are about to discover a very special place ...
A place where medical advancements are pioneered, and then spread far beyond its physical walls and into every corner of the community. From surfers, expectant mothers and at-risk youth, to women facing breast cancer and seniors confronting Alzheimer’s, the compassionate men and women of this remarkable place have made it their mission to reach out to everyone in need in Orange County ... whoever they are, and wherever they are.
This is Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian.
Through the dedication of the many talented professionals who comprise the Community Benefit Program, Hoag provides millions of dollars every year in medical services, health education and mental health services.
The program’s mission is clear and powerful: Prevent injury and illness and improve the lives of Orange County residents who have limited or no access to quality health care.
It is this boundless compassion and long reach that has earned the Community Benefit Program the reputation as the “Heart of Hoag.”
In this issue of Heart of Hoag, you’ll learn how Hoag’s $7.5 million in grants extends medical care, preventative education and mental health services deep into the community – to churches, synagogues, schools and even the beach. By bringing care and education to people where they are, Hoag is able to reach greater numbers of residents with world-class health services and potentially life-saving information.
This effort to reach people all over the community helps us fulfill our role as a nonprofit health delivery network. Just as important, it demonstrates our desire to meet people wherever they are on their health care journey. We hope you enjoy this issue and, as you read it, see how that desire is central to our philosophy. It is in our vision, it is in our mission, and most of all,
it is in our heart. Sincerely,
Robert T. Braithwaite
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.
Director, Community Health and Community Benefit Program

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