Heart of Hoag February 2016
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Heart of Hoag
February 2016 ISSUE 04 HOAG.ORG
Whether it’s through free  u clinics or comprehensive health and wellness events in local parks, Hoag is taking high-quality services and programs directly to Orange County residents, including underserved children and their families.
In Gentle Words and Actions, the People of
Hoag Reveal the Heart of Hoag
In ways both large and small, Hoag underscores its commitment to the community
“I can’t think of another outcome I want more than health and wellness for everyone who walks in the doors.”
In just a few brief words, Melinda Hoag Smith reveals once again the compassion – and the heart – that forms the very foundation of Hoag. When her family made a seminal  nancial gift that took the hospital from a dream to reality more than 60 years ago, it did so out of a deep concern for the happiness and well-being of others.
The family’s desire to help others burns as bright as ever, as evidenced by a new $5 million gift from the George Hoag Family Foundation. In this issue of Heart of Hoag, you’ll learn how we will use this remarkable gift to expand the life-changing programs and services for the underserved at the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living on Hoag’s campus in Newport Beach.
The Hoag family’s huge heart for Orange County truly is its legacy, and the stories in this issue re ect just a few of the many ways their ongoing compassion – through the hospital that bears their name – continues to change thousands of lives for the better.
One of them is Kristen Pankratz, who at the young age of 18 received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Today, Pankratz – who says the care she received at Hoag gave her hope, courage and healing – is putting her
master’s degree and zeal to help others to work ... at, you guessed it, our Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living.
Meanwhile, quiet acts of kindness and compassion sometimes catch people by surprise, and you’ll read about a great example in the story about a recent food- distribution event for needy families. And did you know that Hoag Orthopedic Institute physicians regularly attend local high school football games? While they may be football fans, they are actually serving a higher purpose: From their positions on the sidelines, they spring into action anytime a player suffers a potential injury. They attend voluntarily, and their presence provides the players – and perhaps even more important, their families – peace of mind.
Peace of mind. Concern for others. Compassionate care. Together, they ensure that the Heart of Hoag will continue to beat strongly for the community it so fondly serves.
Thanks for reading. On behalf of everyone at Hoag, we hope you enjoy this issue.
Robert T. Braithwaite
President and Chief Executive Of cer
Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.
Director, Community Health and Community Bene t Program

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