Heart of Hoag - Issue 3
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Heart of Hoag
June 2015 ISSUE 03 HOAG.ORG
With support from Hoag’s Community Benefit Program, Girls Inc.® of Orange County is helping inspire thousands of local girls to be strong, smart and bold.
Helping Our Patients Look Forward with
‘Hope and Gladness’
The human spirit shines bright in stories on palliative care and a two-time stroke survivor
As we reviewed the stories in this issue of Heart of Hoag, a poignant saying came to mind: “Sorrow looks back with sadness. Worry looks up and down, from side to side, with fear. Faith looks forward with hope and gladness.”
The author is unknown, which is unfortunate, because he or she deserves credit for the profound truth behind these words. That is, faith and hope can work wonders in people’s lives, even those facing end-of-life circumstances – all the more so when they are surrounded by compassionate family members and health care providers.
Two stories in this issue take a special look at palliative care, a topic many of us would probably prefer to avoid because of its association with end-of-life circumstances.
But at Hoag, we’re working to change the way palliative care is perceived. As Dr. Vincent Nguyen explains on page 2, “We are afraid to talk about palliative care because it makes people feel uncomfortable and that is the reality. But it is about shifting hope. Even though we can’t cure, there is healing taking place.”
Indeed, at Hoag’s CARES program, a very special team is helping patients facing end-stage illnesses to find meaning, purpose and comfort through a powerful mix of medical care, faith, hope and love. The unique focus and success of CARES – part of our Community Benefit Program – is brought poignantly to life by Annie Noebel, a 25-year-old whose mother, Jane, passed away in March 2014 after a brave fight against cancer.
Other stories in this issue also highlight the community-wide impacts of Hoag’s Community Benefit Program. From helping at-risk girls acquire confidence and self-esteem, to helping women escape domestic abuse, to the remarkable story of a two-time stroke survivor, you’ll learn about how the Community Benefit Program continues to touch countless lives. We hope you find the stories informative and inspiring.
Robert T. Braithwaite
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.
Director, Community Health and Community Benefit Program

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