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From mammograms, legal services and exercise programs, to nutrition, dental services and family support, the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living provides easy access to comprehensive health care services and programs.
Women Bene t From Care and Coordination at Free Mammography Event
Program synergies help prevent residents from falling through the cracks in the health care system
A few weeks ago, while attending a food distribution event at the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living, Facia Flores was given a  yer and information for a free mammography event at the Center, sponsored by Susan G. Komen Orange County, the YWCA of North Orange County and Hoag.
Now, here Flores is, receiving a free examination along with dozens of other women from the Costa Mesa-Newport Beach area, through a collaboration of several agencies that each offer services to Orange County residents who too often fall through the cracks of the health care system.
“That’s the beauty of this relationship.
All these agencies are able to come together to offer patients the full continuum of care,” said Ambrocia Lopez, director of mission programs for Susan G. Komen Orange County.
The Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living partners not only with Komen Orange County, but also several other agencies that focus on cancer and the many issues that accompany the disease. From mental health to legal services, exercise and nutrition to family support, the Center enables each agency to help one another’s clients seamlessly and immediately.
Lopez noted that women like Flores, who access several services under this one roof, highlight the strength of this collaboration.
Two of the 30 women who received free screening mammograms on the Alinea Medical Imaging mobile mammography unit were found to have lumps requiring further testing. YMCA was able to refer them immediately for more advanced diagnosis at no cost.
If those women or any of the others who were screened at the event are found to have cancer, they will continue to be navigated through the system
of free or low-cost services by Komen, YMCA and other partner agencies at the Center.
“We couldn’t do this work if there weren’t these types of resources,” Lopez said. “One of the biggest barriers for these women is that they’re scared: ‘If something is found, what am I going to do? I can’t pay for it.’ We always look for resources for these women. That is why working with Hoag and these other agencies is so important. There is a great synergy between all of us.”
After she receives her exam, Flores picks up another  ier. This one advertises free yoga classes by yet another agency represented at the Center. She says she’s planning to check it out. Who knows where it could lead?
No matter what brings them here, Center visitors receive compassionate care from staff and volunteers.

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